Downtown Domicile

DOWNTOWN DOMICILE   /   San Francisco, California

Beginning with adjacent raw apartments in a new, luxury tower in San Francisco, our clients asked us to create a dramatic background for a world-class art collection focused on craft.

We created a plan for the combined square footage with a strong central axis that naturally divides public and private spaces, welcoming guests without compromising the privacy our clients had grown accustomed to in the large, traditional house where they raised their family. It was essential that the layout accommodate the artwork as comfortably as it does guests, as the clients entertain often.

Mirror-polished black granite floors and pewter leaf tea paper on the walls and ceilings are softened with the hand-woven carpets and sumptuous textiles used throughout. The strong contrast of black, grey, silver and white threads through the backgrounds of the large apartment, allowing the artwork — the majority of which are wood pieces — to be the visual focus and to add warmth by contrasting the cool, urbane palette of the interior.

Our custom-designed pieces in combination with artist-designed furniture and lighting commissioned for the rooms coalesce to create a unique urban experience.

Photos by Matthew Millman

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