Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park   /   San Francisco, CA

This historic Victorian home sits atop a hill in Pacific Heights and was originally built as a hotel. The large scale of the parcel and the home’s origins as a hotel explain the unusually generous scale and proportions of the public rooms – perfect for our client, who loves having a glamorous place to entertain.

The décor reflects our client’s inclinations toward a mix of custom furnishings, vintage pieces and distinctive artwork. The unique shell-encrusted chandelier in the entry, made by Andrew Fisher, is complemented by the custom frosted glass panels created for the windows and sets the tone for the rooms to follow.

The living room was designed with large cocktail parties in mind, with extensive seating on a custom banquette and a sleek Schiaparelli sofa. The mood becomes decidedly more smoky in the dining room, a more intimate space. The powder room walls are covered with mother of pearl that glows in light that emanates from the onyx vanity.

 Photos by John Bedell

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