Mountain Retreat


Our commission was to create a light-filled, contemporary home comfortable for family living and entertaining, where dramatic art and ethnic elements would be equally at home.

To clarify their desire to have a house unlike most in the area, the clients insisted, “no logs and no plaids”.

Working with architect Janet Jarvis, the design of the house evolved around the spectacular views from the secluded site. Its clean bold lines stand up beautifully to the dramatic mountains surrounding the house.

The interior has a bold elegance that complements the surprisingly sophisticated furnishings. Tall ceilings, broad hallways to accommodate large-scale art, crisp details and timeless materials give the house a compelling presence. Unique elements, such as ceilings coffered with old growth redwood salvaged from a 19th century water tank, give great character and warmth to the rooms.

When it came time to consider interior materials, the client cautioned us that she is “allergic to beige”. We designed much of the furniture, lighting and hand-woven carpets used throughout the house, and added antiques and a surprising array of sensuous textiles in rich tones to create a home as compelling as it is out of the ordinary.

Photos by Thomas Loof

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