Sophisticated In San Francisco With Fisher Weisman Brugioni

Elegance and sophistication are “trending” for 2024 (more on that later!) and today we are delighted to share a stunning home built in 1932 on a coveted block of Broadway on San Francisco’s iconic Gold Coast.

Originally conceived as a three-story residence over a garage and storage level, a fifth floor was later cobbled into what had been attic space. This added a cozy family room and roof terrace, both with spectacular views. When the current owners purchased the house, they commissioned Jeffry Weisman of Fisher Weisman Brugioni to reimagine and the space. The wife’s love of antiques and textiles inspired the collaboration.


One of the first things the clients requested was to update the structure. So Weisman brought in Richard Beard, an old friend and colleague.

“Working together we set out to replace strange Gothic additions throughout the house with classical details more in keeping with the original feel of the home,” Weisman explained. “The start of renovations brought a string of surprises (as they often do). The first was the discovery that the structure of the roof on the fifth floor was collapsing.”

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The architects nimbly navigated a wonderful solution, but next was the discovery of pervasive mold in much of the structure, which in the end required 3 years of reconstruction and several million dollars of investment to eradicate.


Initially, the plan was to renovate and furnish the house as quickly as possible, but a change of course was necessary after the mold issue drastically extended the time frame of construction.

“The extra years invited us to consider decorative elements we knew the clients would love, such as commissioning the extraordinary grisaille landscape wallpaper in the entry and the embroidered silk wallpaper in the dining room, both from de Gournay,” said Weisman.


The kitchen and bathrooms, which were slated for light updating, and were gutted and fully redesigned.  Both bedrooms were upholstered and fully custom upholstery pieces were created.

“We made lemonade, in short. In the end, a house that our clients had bought as a landing spot but not a dream home, turned into the latter,” said Weisman.


To learn more, please visit Fisher Weisman Brugioni and follow @fisherweismancollection on Instagram for additional information. Photography by Matthew Millman.

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